Frequently Asked Questions

Caravan Sales

No! As long as your caravan is in good condition and all accounts are upto date

We nearly always have caravans coming up, in the process of being got ready for sale. Give us a call on 01754 872 402 for the latest updates.

We do not directly offer Finance on our caravan sales. If you would like to buy on finance please contact a provider of your choice.

Caravan Hire

We certainly do, please visit our Holiday Accommodation page for details and prices.

Yes,  you are welcome to bring your dogs on holiday with you. As you would expect they must be looked after at all times. We only let them stay in our Basic Standard and Standard Plus Caravans. There is an aditional charge of £70.00 per dog and once we have checked the caravan (and everything is clean and tidy) before you leave at the end of your holiday you will get £20.00 back. We are not aload to accept dog breeds that are no the dangerous dogs act.


Yes, it is located oposite Coral Beach Club. You will need to purchase tockens from the Tap room (down stairs bar in the club)

We don't have a swimming pool on site. How ever there are pools open to the public locally. There is the Town pool on the sea front neqar the Clock Tower. Tel 01754 610 675


Yes, we have live entertainment in the Coral Club Room for the latest information pleasee see our entertainment page.

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