Terms & Conditions

1. The hire and occupancy of caravans is restricted to families only.

2. Hirers must undertake to keep their accommodation in clean tidy condition during the period of occupation and to ensure that the number of persons occupying the accommodation is the same as listed on the booking form.

3. Motorised caravans or cars are not to be used as extra sleeping accommodation.

4. Hirers must check on arrival and report any damage at once, otherwise they will be charged with the cost of any items found broken or missing on their departure.

5. We are unable to accept responsibility for any defects not reported to Reception within 24 hours of arrival. Neither can we accept any responsibility for any matter of which you were aware and which you did not bring to our attention during your stay.

6. lf you have a complaint that you do not feel has been adequately dealt with during your stay then you must put this complaint in writing within 14 days of your date of departure. You will be responded to within 21 days of our receiving your correspondence.

7. We reserve the right to enter your accommodation at any time for any reasonable purpose, for example to carry out essential inspections, housekeeping or repairs.

8. All losses and breakages - including windows must be made good.

9. The Caravan must be left in a clean and tidy condition ready for the next guests.

10. The Highway Code for public roads applies to all vehicles on the park. No liability is accepted for any damage caused by Roadway Sleepers. Vehicles, their accessories & contents are left entirely at your own risk, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicle from any cause whatsoever. Parking for one car is available adjacent to the caravan, subject to weather conditions. Additional vehicles should park in the main car park unless permission has been granted elsewhere.

11. To safeguard children and the elderly, a speed limit of 5 mile per hour is enforced on site. Any person exceeding this speed or driving in a dangerous fashion will be asked to take their car off site.

12. Holes must not be dug or turf cut. Trees, shrubs and plants must not be cut or interfered with.

13. No open fire or barbecue shall be made on site. No firearms (including BB Guns) or explosives may be used on site.

14. No Clothes lines to be erected.

15. Motorbikes are not permitted on site.

16. Vehicles are only permitted on the site if they are insured against third party risks and the driver holds a current driving licence. Vehicles must not be taken onto the grass during wet weather. Guilty parties will have their vehicles clamped and fined £100.00

17. Electrical appliances are limited to 1000 watt consumption - overload correction fee £5.00

18. Musical instruments, CD players, radios, etc, must not be used between the hours of 11pm and 8am. Holidaymakers must at all times conduct themselves with due regard to others.

19. No Ball games are allowed amongst and around the caravans.

20. Gas will be delivered between 8am and 5.00pm only.

21. S.T. Belton Limited (trading as Coral Beach Leisure) and its employees shall not be liable for any loss, damage or theft to or from any caravan or other property, nor for any injury, accident to mishap to any person on the site, whether or not the same caused or contributed to by any negligence or default on the part of the company, its servants or agents. The company shall not be held responsible or the loss or theft of any caravan keys. Dogs are only allowed provided they are kept under control and on a lead. Dogs are only allowed in Basic Standard and Standard Plus Caravans. Dogs are NOT Permitted in the Platinum Caravans.

22. The balance due must be paid by 3pm on the day of arrival and if the office has not had prior notification of late arrival we reserve the right to re-let the caravan after 4pm.

23. Hirers cannot take possession of their caravan before 3pm on the day of arrival and must vacate by 9.30am on the day of departure.

24. Enjoy yourself but not at the expense of Others, anyone creating a disturbance or whose conduct could give offence to others will be required to leave immediately  and NO Refund Given. In the case of a group booking All Parties will be required to leave.

25. Hiring fees are accepted on the understanding that the above rules and conditions are complied with. The company reserves the right to terminate permission to occupy a caravan on the site if in the opinion of the company or its agent, the person concerned has not complied with the above rules and conditions or with any regulations posted on the site notice board by the management or, in the opinion of the management, has acted in such a manner as to require his/her immediate removal from the site. The refund of the appropriate proportion of any fees paid in advance shall be sufficient discharge of all obligations to any person who is required to leave the site for the above reasons.